Alois Lang

Short-form Resume


1947 Born in the mystic mountains of Tyrol, Austria- Europe. A beautiful place!

62-66 Wood-sculpture-school, Elbigenalp,Tirol

66-71 Academy of fine Arts in Vienna, by Prof. Andre, Wotruba and Avramidis, Diplom

79-88 Atelier in New York City, Interior Architecture / design in N.Y. & new Theatre Bldg. Seoul, Korea.

85-09 Atelier in Japan, Artdirector and teacher at JFS School Tokyo.

2010 Atelier in Germany, 56070 Koblenz am Ufer 11

  International Contests of Sculpture and Architecture

1985 Henry Moore Grand Prix at Hakone, Utsukushi ga hara open air museum, Japan. “Sky-symphony

87-97 Nagoya City-Park & Monument: 580m l x 1-21m h steel sculpture and park design of 770m x 70m

  Wien “Art-areal” art & culture center, 18 museums, studios, space-center, exhibition/concert-hall,

  large Depot’s, open air cinema, café’s, entrance to 2 metro-stations etc. with arch, Pernthaler, Graz.

  Sakamoto Ryoma museum, Shikoku // Osaka world expo, 2 steel sculptures 8m x 21m, 25 ton

  Space-design, open air stage at World Expo Taegu, Korea // Japan culture center in Paris with 120m

  Image of moving light-rays // Ship-terminal in Yokohama // Re-planning the center of Samarkand

  with art-street, parks, susp. bridge, TV tower etc // Okinawa war-memorial //Art-bridge in Austria.

  Redesign of an old 33m h Watertower, Elevator tower // Colonnade cross 170m x 70m, Austria


2008 Planning of 5 Building blocks like a small private village . Filming in Italy, Greece & Croatia


  International Sculpture Symposiums

1994 Gifu Japan, 50 ton Stone sculpture & installation of 8 stone-plates 2m x 21m under water.

1996 Symp. Salvesen, Tarrenz, Tirol, Austria.// I.Symposium Ahrnthal, Italy, working on a Rockwall.

2002 Invitation for a one men show at the Mongol National Museum Gallery. Making of 7 wood-works.

2005 Vietnam Intl.An Giang, 62 Sculptors from 19 countries, Space-station Loy, 25 ton,Marble

2006 Vietnam, Hue symposium, making of “Great Vietnam Woman” past-present-future, Marble

2008 Intl. stone symposium at Bundang Memorial Park, Seoul, Korea. Black granite, 17m x 5m x 8m,

  about 100.000 kg, with water-pond, reflection of nature and the universe. “ Gate to Eternity ”


Selected Exhibition

78-86 Vienna, Paris, London, Luxembourg, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tokyo

86-89 9 exhibitions in Japan // Intl. Art-show in Fujino, Japan, Installation on a Rockwall 100m x 40m.

  One men show & performance at Gallery Tom, Museum for the Blind, Tokyo.

1990 Osaka World Expo, two steel sculptures “Lovers”// One man show at OAG, German culture center

  Tokyo “The Wall” with Butoh performance inside and with my sculptures by Goro Namerikawa.

91-94 Four shows in Tokyo and Austria // Water Lightfountain, natural Rock,30 ton, 2 glass plates 3m h.

  Stainless Sc “Window for Nature” 5m x 6m in Murau city, Austria// Kwangju Biennale, Korea.

1996 Kunstpavillon Innsbruck // 1000 year Austria, exhib.”Crossroads” Fujino, Japan

  Build my Atelier Spaceship in Innsbruck and made several exhibitions with performances, Austria

2002 One men show at the Mongol National Museum Gallery.

2005 Aichi World Expo, clay sculptures and painting of Tsunami 04 Sumatra // Chau Doc, Vietnam.

06-09 One men and group shows in Austria, Germany and Japan

2010 One men show at Sculpturepark, Castle Fischau, Bad Fischau, Lower Austria. May to Autumn



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